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    Being a small organization, we went through a series of checks and are really pleased to inform you that we have been verified and approved by the following;

    • PayU - the payment gateway provider of international repute
    • Citibank - the nodal bank, and
    • State Bank of India - the processor of online payment through all Credit Card and Debit Card transactions in the country

    You can now purchase your favorite Cyber Clean online in a extremely secure environment of PayU (Verisign Approved) after shopping in the ultimate Rochen server security (our high end website hosting provider).

    If we could have thought of something more secure for our customers, we certainly would've provided it!

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Tuesday 23 Oct 2018
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A range of products that need no introduction is now AVAILABLE CONSIDERABLY CHEAPER!

In keeping with its ideology of reaching products of good quality at an affordable price, we feel honoured to be a distributor for all Sony products except VIAO laptops and Sony Ericsson mobile phones, for sale to corporate India and institutions.

While the individuals typically go to the nearby Sony Centre to buy a Sony product for their homes, companies can buy Sony products at a reduced (corporate) price for their infrastructure, as gifts to customers/ partners or for their most valuable asset – their employees.

Employees, as we know, are the greatest asset to an organization and to keep them motivated is a constant challenge… Imagine how happy, part of the company, motivated, an employee would feel if the company placed an order for a Sony product of her or his choice at a great price!  Either as a reward for performance or even to be recovered in monthly installments from the salary!

I don’t understand!  How is SONY marketed in India?

What are the advantages of buying through the corporate distribution channel?

If I am an individual viewing this page, what can I do to avail of this corporate scheme?

Yes, I’m interested!  Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. starting the subject line with “SONY”.

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You can buy Cyber Clean online through us with a two way security:

  • Hi security Rochen server-security and PayU payment gateway
  • We have been approved by PayU, Citibank and SBI to render these services (your vendor credibility)

So now you can purchase your favorite product from the comfort of your armchair!