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Tuesday 15 Jan 2019
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Pictures of Mauritius


1.  Mauritius is truly famous for its BEACHES and no picture can capture the essense adequately. 

  • 01 Grand Bay - quiet turquoise water
  • 02 Grand Bay - the water beckons
  • 03 Grand Bay - another hour left to set sail

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2.  THE SOUTHERN TREK is a lovely trip through contrasting inland areas and along the sea.

  • 01 Quatre Bornes - from atop Murugan temple - a good starting point
  • 02 Mountains so picturesque
  • 03 Origin of Mauritius - the volcanic crater at Curepipe

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3. Sir SEEWOOSAGAR RAMGOOLAM GARDEN at Pamplemousses is among the famous botanical gardens in the world and was a vision of Mauritius' first Chief Minister, Prime Minister and sixth Governor General, after whom it was later named.

  • 01 inspiration from the great leader
  • 02 the grand ol tree
  • 03 areca catechu

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4. Mauritius is known for its active and orderly night life.  The WATERFRONT IN PORT LOUIS is a must-visit spot from dusk onwards!

  • 01 Port Louis - waterfront
  • 02 Port Louis - setting up for another fun night
  • 03 Waterfront - for children and adults

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