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Saturday 23 Jun 2018
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Wish you a very Happy New Year!

The past year and a half was topsy-turvy, to say the least.  Projects were stalled, the common-man afforded less, inflation continued to soar and there was plenty else to worry about.  There was a heartening aspect, too.  Value was recognized and hence the patronage for products and services that offered true value continued to grow.

In a small way, we benefited.  Sale of our flagship product – Cyber Clean, over two years now in the Indian market, kept growing quarter on quarter.  Was it the special Indian pricing, our personalized service, the strength of our retail marts, or whatever, we’ll never know for sure.  One thing is sure though – it addressed a specific need of our customers and had no competing product on the shop-shelf.  They swore by it!

Honestly, we couldn’t cope with the demand in a structured way.  There was a paucity of display counters and we couldn’t sell it to many retailers and spread across the country.  Customers hence found it difficult to reach the shops especially if they lived outside the metros.  Thankfully, users made informal groups and came forward to purchase them in volumes and re-distributed amongst themselves. 

NRIs wanted to buy for their relatives and friends in India but we could not professionally address this area too.

To address all this and more, we felt the time was right to revamp our website and provide a secure and user-friendly environment for our customers to buy directly, online.  Online sales over the last quarter has picked up considerably without any discernable drop in sale through our normal retail outlet channels.  So far so good and we thank you, our customer, for it.

SONY, too, saw a promising jump in sale.  Companies found us trust-worthy and our sales spread through excellent recommendations and referrals.  So did tourism to Mauritius and Nepal though these were done through word of mouth and didn’t figure in our earlier website.

Particularly heartening it was to get a thumbs-up from our existing customers and connoisseur friends for the splendid new variety of coffee that we will be launching soon.

So thank you, customers, for all the support and good vibes that made us grow; we’ll try hard to live up to your expectations in this year, too.

You would appreciate that over the last two decades or so, life has got increasingly tough on the wallet.  Anything suggesting a better quality of life seems to warrant an unwarranted price tag.  That some can afford while others cannot is an accepted fact in life, but what is highly questionable is why one must pay even a mite more than what one needs to pay for anything in life, never mind the affordability.

Pleasant Living was started with this in mind.  Though the international exposure of our team is wide, we presently supply directly only within India.

Sekhar Krishnamurthy, the founder of Pleasant Living and its CEO, has over 25 years of service in India and abroad.  A qualified engineer and a Certified Global Business Leader from U21 Global and Harvard Business School Publishing, his career spanned across Engineering, Automotive, Mining and Information Technology, over 16 years of it in the senior management.

Veneeta Warrior, after completing her Master's Degree in Commerce and further post graduation in Finance Management, spent over 18 years in finance with international organizations of repute.  She handles the finances of our company.

We are assisted by a team of highly motivated staff and are a trim organization; constantly striving to reach value to our customers who, in turn, support us in their growing numbers in no small measure.

We hope you enjoy the experience of dealing with us if we are new to you.

Registered Office:

6A, Alsa Towers Commercial Complex
186-187, Poonamallee High Road
Kilpauk, Chennai – 600 010


Mailing Address:

2E, 'Sunset Terrace' 
30, Ramanathan Street
Kilpauk, Chennai – 600 010


Telephone: 044 2626 0593
Standard mobile: +91 979 1010 451



Sekhar Krishnamurthy:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For purchasing inquiries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For accounting queries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please choose among the following while starting your subject line in the mail.  This will help us respond to you faster:

  • Cyber Clean
  • SONY
  • Coffee
  • Tourism
  • Accounts
  • Others

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You can buy Cyber Clean online through us with a two way security:

  • Hi security Rochen server-security and PayU payment gateway
  • We have been approved by PayU, Citibank and SBI to render these services (your vendor credibility)

So now you can purchase your favorite product from the comfort of your armchair!